Chimney Flashing

Many people rely on the functionality of chimneys to keep their homes warm during the cold months of late fall, all winter, and into early spring. However, a chimney’s function does not end with heating a home. As most chimneys arise from a roof or are at least against a roof to a certain degree, they also must be an integral part of preventing water from entering the home. One component of such waterproofing involves chimney flashing.

            Flashing, which is formed material, usually a metal like aluminum or galvanized steel, occurs at multiple points of roofs: valleys, against siding and brick, and along chimney joints. The flashing helps provide a watertight seal in the spaces between the chimney and the roof. Water is channeled from the brick or siding of the chimney down the flashing and along the roof so that it may run off to the ground or to a gutter system. Over time, the flashing can wear down and will need to be replaced.

            There are several instances when can/should happen. First, if replacing a roof, the flashing will need to be replaced as well. Using old flashing that is likely to fail for a newly installed roof will mean that the shingles will have to be removed and/or replaced to install new flashing. Another cause for new flashing will be if the old flashing is rusting or eroded. Rust/erosion can mean holes, which will certainly allow water to penetrate the roof. A third issue can be a crumbling chimney. If the chimney is beginning to fail due to chipping bricks or decaying mortar, water/ice can get behind the flashing. This can cause premature rusting or even a forcing of the flashing away from the chimney.

            All of these issues can cause damage to the home, and oftentimes, as it is difficult to notice by many people, the water infiltration may not be immediately noticeable until it has spread over a large area of the attic and/or ceiling. Fusion Roofing and Restoration’s staff can greatly assist in inspecting and replacing faulty or aged flashing, thus giving homeowners’ peace of mind that their chimney is operating at the optimum level.

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