Cleaning Gutters

Every year, and usually twice a year, it is a good idea to clean your gutters or hire a professional service like Fusion Roofing and Restoration to come do it for you, especially if your gutters may put you at an uncomfortable height or are simply too difficult to reach. Gutter life and function are greatly diminished if gutters are neglected, so it is paramount to get them inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. Doing so should assure homeowners that their water run-off is being shed away from their homes effectively.

The sole job of gutters is to allow water flow to the downspouts, which then carries the water away from the house to prevent it from infiltrating the home above ground or affecting the foundation and basement. With clogged gutters and/or downspouts, water cannot escape, and it tends to fill the gutters resulting in spilling water near the house or even at the rear of the gutter. The water then can damage gutter boards causing wood damage and rotting. Downspout issues cause the water to remain in the gutters, and the same outcomes as clogged gutters will ensue.

Often, gutters can be easily maintained by waiting until a few rainless days have occurred and then using a ladder to climb up and scoop out any accumulated debris by hand. Pine needles, leaves, pinecones, and shingle granules steadily fill up the gutters. When dry, such debris can be pulled free using one’s hand or a trowel, if necessary. After clearing the gutter, a water hose with a nozzle or gutter-cleaning attachment should be used to flush the gutter, starting at the farthest point from the downspout opening and working towards the opening. If the downspout is clogged, removal of the downspout may be required to clear dense debris. After reattaching, the downspout should be flushed as well from top to bottom.

One way to slow or even prevent debris in the gutters is to attach gutter guards to your guttering system. These guards are mesh-like plates that attach at the top of the gutter, and while they allow water to still enter, the openings are small enough to prevent many of the problem objects like leaves and limbs to get in. While gutter guards are available at hardware and home improvement stores, getting the job done professionally by Fusion Roofing and Restoration is more often the better choice.

Gutters and downspouts provide a great service to homes by allowing water to be swept away and cleared from sitting or running down walls, which can bring many problems over time. Getting them cleaned, maintaining them, and even having guards installed by Fusion Roofing will result in long lives for not only the gutters and downspouts but also the home overall as well.

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