Dimensional vs. 3 tab shingles

Multiple types and styles of roofing exist for homeowners to choose from to get the look and protection they desire. The durability and natural beauty of slate is highly desired, though it is expensive and laborious to install. Tile is similar to slate in this regard. While it is unique in appearance, the costs sometimes outweigh the benefits. Wooden shakes are still in use, though one does not often see them as they require a large amount of upkeep to remain a shield to the elements. Overall, the tried and true asphalt shingle is the most commonly used product, but buyers still have a choice to make when deciding what direction to go. Usually, the decision comes down to whether to purchase a three-tab shingle or a dimensional shingle.

            The three-tab shingle, given the name due to a uniform, side-by-side, flat appearance of three tabs on every shingle, have been and remain the most commonly used shingle. They have existed for many decades, and with their simple pattern are easily installed. They offer solid protection, come in a variety of colors, and they are a bit cheaper than dimensional shingles. They are also often easier to repair or replace. However, they do come with some issues as well. For one, they tend to be less resistant to higher winds and can be more damaged by falling debris when compared with dimensional shingles. They also tend to have a shorter life, and, for those concerned with aesthetics, don’t have the same curb appeal as dimensionals.

            As for the dimensional or laminate shingles, which get their name from the irregularly shaped overlapping “stacking” or layering of the tabs, they are gaining in popularity for multiple reasons. First, they tend to be much more durable than three-tabs with a denser barrier to the elements. Second, they have greater visual appeal, offering a “natural” look due to the lack of regularity regarding pattern and shape. Third, a diverse selection exists from which homeowners can choose unique colors and tab shapes. A few drawbacks do exist though. Dimensional shingles tend to be more expensive than three-tabs. Also, due to their thicker quality, they can be heavier, which may require structural reinforcement over the long run.

            Choosing shingles can be a difficult process, but if buyers focus on three main areas, cost, beauty, and durability needs, they should be able to make a quality and informed decision. Regardless of the direction they go, they can rest assured that they will be making a great decision, especially when also utilizing the services of Fusion Roofing and Restoration for installation.

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