Don’t Do It Yourself! Why DIY is not the best option for roof repairs.

If you enjoy working with your hands and doing weekend DIY projects, it can be tempting to try to save money by doing roof repairs on your own. But even if you consider yourself an accomplished DIY-er, roof repair takes skill and knowledge that only comes with years of experience. That is why repairing your roof is one project that should be left to professional roofing contractors like like Fusion Roofing and Restoration!

While we always encourage homeowners to be educated and involved in the replacement and repair of their home’s roofing and gutters, we always want homeowners to remain safe, avoiding additional repairs needed after the initial repairs we completed. Here are a few points to remember when mulling over a DIY roof repair of your own:

Faulty Repairs

Roofing isn’t as straightforward as some other lines of work. The materials, tools, and installation techniques required in any given situation vary depending on what the problem is and where on the roof it is located. If you are trying to do a repair yourself and don’t get it exactly right, you’ll end up with leaks in the future that will cost you more to fix than if you had just hired a professional in the first place. Also, an experienced roofer will be able to identify weak spots and signs of leaks and other damage on your roof that your untrained eye can miss. Knowing what to look for up front will save you hundreds to thousands in the long run – and nobody likes spending more money than they need to on large projects!

Safety Issues

When it comes down to it, roofing is just plain dangerous. roofs have slopes and turns that unless you’ve done it a thousand times like the trained specialists at Fusion have, it can be a exhausting and scary project. What is meant to be a quick roof patch can quickly turn into a serious or even fatal injury when an inexperienced homeowner falls off of a ladder or the roof itself. An experienced roofing company knows all the precautions to take and has the safety equipment necessary to keep their roofers safe – and even then, accidents can still happen. Other dangers of working on roofs include stings from wasps or hornets, whose nests can be hidden in chimneys, nearby trees, and various points on your roof. The weather can affect safety too, with moisture from dew or storms making the roof slick and gusts of wind that can cause you to lose your balance.

Voided Warranties

If you’re not yet convinced that a roof repair should be left to the professionals, consider that by doing it on your own, you could be voiding the warranty on your roof. Manufacturers of roofing material know that if their product isn’t installed correctly, problems can happen down the road that have nothing to do with the quality of their materials. This is why many manufacturers require their products to be installed and repaired by a professional roofing company. roof repair cincinnatiFusion Roofing and Restoration is Cincinnati’s best local roofing company, proudly serving the tristate with expert roofing installations, repairs, estimates and more. We love our customers and want to see them safe – give Fusion a call today to schedule a free inspection and let us do the dirty work!




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