For Four Big Factors That Determine A Roof’s Lifespan

Most think that the roof of your home will last as long as the house – you buy a home and the roof sits on top and it caps off the biggest investment you will ever make. In reality, your roof takes the brunt of all the damage that can happen to a home. Wind, rain, sleet, ice, snow, blazing sun, tree branches and leaf debris can all cause damage to your home’s roof and lessen the lifespan of the first barrier to your house. There are many factors that can affect your roof’s lifespan, and no matter how hard you try to avoid it, even the most durable and well-maintained roof will have to be replaced at some point. Here are some considerations to help you better understand the various factors that can impact the lifespan of your roof. Knowing what makes up a solid and dependable roof sets Fusion Roofing and Restoration apart from other Cincinnati area roofers. Experts in the industry, we know what it takes to keep your home in tip top shape!


  • Roofing materials. Asphalt shingles provide an excellent combination of style, affordability, durability and energy efficiency, which is why they are the most popular choice among Cincinnati homeowners. If longevity is more important to you, metal or tile roofs are a better option. Recently, metal roofs have become a trendy and solid option for replacing your home’s roof.


  • Installation methods. Installation mistakes are the leading cause of early roof failures. This is why choosing a proven, experienced roofing company like Fusion Roofing and Restoration is so important. No matter how good the quality of materials you use on your roof, if the roofing team you hire doesn’t know what they’re doing, you could end up with a failing roof that has to be replaced long before its time, regardless of the guarantee or warranty.


  • Weather conditions. This is one factor that you simply can’t control. Well-installed roofing systems can take a beating from Mother Nature and still maintain their integrity, but over time the repeated barrage of wind, rain, hail and sun will wear down your roof. We all know Cincinnati is notorious for wild swings in the climate – one day it is 90 degrees and sunny and the next the night get into the 40’s and rain pounds for days. Having the best materials installed by the best professionals at Fusion is your #1 defense to all that nature can throw at your home.


  • Ventilation. If the temperature in the attic is not well-regulated, your shingles could end up baking from the inside out in the sweltering summer sun. This effect is caused by inadequate ventilation and can lead to out-of-control utility bills. An under ventilated attic can also encourage moisture damage and mold growth. A free inspection from Fusion can determine if the attic or crawl space is properly ventilated. If it isn’t, Fusion’s roofing experts will walk you through how properly ventilating the space will cut utility bills, eliminate mold, and make your home a safe and secure space for your family to enjoy.

At Fusion Roofing and Restoration, our skilled installers have the experience necessary to ensure that your roof (and home!) will have a long, happy life. Get the most from your investment. Give us a call or fill out the form below for your FREE consultation and roofing estimate today!


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