How do I know if my house has box gutters?

Whether you live in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, the changing leaves in the fall here in our region is something to get excited about. The season is changing, the year is winding down, and the summer projects are coming to an end.
Those red and yellow leaves go somewhere when they fall, and if your luck is anything like the Reds and Bengals, they’ll end up on your roof, and in your outdated gutters! Clogged gutters are a pain to clean every year, and if not maintained can ruin the integrity of your home’s roof. Water backs up, overflows, and collects in areas of your home’s roof causing damage to the structure underneath. Left unattended, the cost to replace and repair your roof can be far more expensive than cleaning and maintaining!

That being said, should you be concerned as a homeowner as we head into fall? Are your current gutters up to par and ready to handle the impending foliage?
The answer to that question is inspecting and maintaining your current system or upgrading to an effective box gutter system to deal with the coming change in seasons and long term health of your home. Fusion Roofing and Restoration is Cincinnati’s expert box gutter professionals. With decades of experience in inspecting, maintaining, and upgrading box gutters all over the tristate, you can trust Fusion to do a great job right the first time!

So, just what are box gutters and what are the benefits? How do you know if box gutters are the right choice for your home? How do I get an inspection to find out?

Box gutters differ from normal gutters in their rectangular look and how they’re mounted onto your structure. They are joined to the roof with brackets and joints and instead of being bracketed to the outside of the structure, are more concealed by being boxed in by the roof and walls. This results in a beautiful, streamlined look and feel that most homeowners prefer! A staple in older homes, this updated version of a box gutter will last longer, work more efficiently at moving water off your roof, and keep your gutters clean of debris and falling leaves. Upgrading the look and functionality of your home’s gutter system will not only improve the curb appeal of your property, it will ensure worry free maintenance for years to come.

Fusion Roofing and Restoration is the area’s leader in box gutter installation. Our knowledgeable and experienced installers are the best gutter contractors you can contact for installations and inspections! We know how well box gutters can improve the water management system of the roof to your house – and we understand just how important it is to have an expert inspect and install high quality gutters. We guarantee our work and use only the best materials and brands when updating your gutters to box gutters. Fusion has been providing excellent roofing and gutter installations for homes all across Cincinnati for years – Contact us today for a free inspection! See how box gutters on your home can increase curb appeal and provide longevity to your home’s roof!


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