Location Matters: The Roof Color Series

We’re here today speaking about a topic that you may only hear about a few times before, but if you own a home in any manner and you arrived on this page, then make sure to give this a listen.

Whether you’re installing a new roof for a restoration or housing flip project, or installing a new roof on your long-term investment, some basic knowledge about the color of your roof and how it relates to a few different factors could mean saving hassle and money both.








So, what kind of factors are we talking about here? We’ll be breaking this information down into a small mini-series of posts, so be sure and check back later this month for the other parts.



It’s common knowledge that darker colors absorb heat, while lighter colors reflect. This simple fact also applies to the color of the roofing material used on your roof. This of course then opens up discussion about where you live.

If it’s Arizona or North Dakota, then the answer to this question will be easier to arrive at. I mean, some places are just hot….or cold. But, if you’re here in the Midwest, where temperatures widely vary, often times the discussion becomes more complex.

Instead of trying to wrap your head around what color of material to wrap your roof with, rely on our years of local experience here to recommend a roofing material with a color that will best suit the needs of your home….and your wallet, for many years come.

Look for the post in this series about how solar reflectance impacts your home.


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