Metal Roofs

When considering roofs, most buyers think of cost as the most important factor while others may regard appearance more. Though those are important elements, perhaps strength and durability should hold the top spot. When sifting through all possible roofing options, metal roofs provide a barrier that is difficult for any other selection to beat.

            A large number of positives exist when installing a metal roof. First, the longevity of metal roofs cannot be denied. Many of these roofs can last at a high level for 30, 40, and even close to 50 years. They are highly resistant to weather conditions and unwanted critters, and rotting is not a factor at all. Second, the weight of the thin metal roofs is, surprisingly, often lighter than shingles, especially dimensional shingles. The lighter weight allows for homeowners to avoid having to worry about structural reinforcement. A third quality of metal roofs is fire resistance from the outside with metal roofs attaining the highest resistance rating available. A last important benefit is being able to use metal roofs on nearly every available roof pitch, from the nearly flat to the sharpest angles.

            While there are great reasons to get metal roofs, there are also a few potential concerns. One thing that dissuades people from metal is the cost. Oftentimes, metal roofs can be up to twice the cost of shingles. A second issue is that while very strong and essentially weatherproof, the metal can be dented by falling branches or hail. Such dents can become costly in terms of long-term strength of the roof as well as repair amounts. A third problem can come from faulty installation. If not secured in a professional manner, leaking can become a huge issue, which could eventually bring rusting and complete deconstruction and reinstallation.

            Like any other potential debate about home alterations, there are going to be pros and cons regarding whether or not to have a metal roof. The positive and negative attributes should be considered and weighed against all options in order to get the best and highest quality material. No matter the decision, Fusion Roofing and Restoration should be called to exercise their optimal professionalism and skill in installing their choice.

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