Roof Punctures

Many leaks that occur from roof issues arise from aged components worn down from time and weather abuse. Usually, a roof professional needs little time to diagnose problems when dealing with such situations. However, there are times when leaks can not be simply figured out as when dealing with a newer roof or in locations not normally affected by poor installations. Often, such leaks are the result of roof punctures.

            Roof punctures are literal holes in the roof, and they can range in size and come from several different sources. Limbs or branches from overhanging or nearby trees can fall or be driven into the roof, tearing through shingles and even underlayment. Sometimes, one branch can have many offshoots that all punch holes across a small area, damaging multiple shingle panels and even going through the plywood decking. Another common issue comes from objects attached to roofs, such as satellite dishes or antennae, that fall from age or high winds and pull the nails holding them in place away from the roof surface. The result is a hole that can be extremely minute, but such holes can cause great damage. A third problem is walking on the roof. Simply having high or moderate foot traffic on a roof can wear down shingles faster, and the likelihood of having the odd nail, acorn, or even children’s toy to step on and push through the roof is high.

            There are certainly ways to reduce the chances of causing a roof puncture. The first is to trim limbs and branches away from the roof. Sometimes when purchasing a home that has multiple large trees very close makes it financially unfeasible to cut them down, but trimming is usually a doable undertaking. A second way to keep a roof puncture free is to regularly have it cleaned or swept of debris. As debris builds, sharp objects at the bottom of piles can be pushed into the roof easier. Cleanings help lower those chances. The third easy solution is to avoid walking on the roof if at all possible. This not only ensures the longest possible life for the shingles but also eliminates the chances of stepping on nails and pushing them through the roofing.

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