Is Your Roof Winter Ready? How To Tell And How To Winterize Your Roof This Year!

Preventing Potential Problems By Inspections With Integrity

After the whirlwind summer we had in the Cincinnati area, many tri-state homes took quite a beating. This spring gave us high velocity winds that ripped shingles from roofs all over town. Hail the size of golf balls pummeled siding and gutters, and left craters in some homeowners roofing. Couple that with blistering heat that weakens the strength of your roofing materials, and you have the perfect combination for roof repairs and replacements before winter.

Even though you may not have a noticeable leak or visible missing shingles, your roof may not be ready for autumn and the frigid cold winter. Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana is known for wide swings in weather as the seasons change. One day you’re in shorts and the next in a parka – this temperature change will exacerbate any existing problems with your roof.

Cracks in asphalt roofing, nail pops, and missing shingles will all give themselves away and you’ll be left with materials that are not meant to be exposed to the elements. Leaving this vulnerable will create more damage and potentially make larger issues if left untreated. But how do you know you have issues before it’s too late?

During our roof inspection, our trained roofing specialists will identify small issues that can lead to much costlier problems. Eliminate these costly repairs with preventative inspections from Fusion. We provide a full report on any issues, the potential long term damage they may cause, and a price quote to mend any needed weaknesses.

Winter is right around the corner – don’t get caught out in the cold! Call Fusion at 513-715-1306 to schedule your inspection and get ready for the impending winter months. You can also fill out our contact form and Jessy will be in touch with you soon.


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