Cincinnati Box Gutter Installation and Repair

Fusion Roofing & Restoration offers box gutter repair and box gutter replacement throughout Cincinnati. Highly skilled and efficient box gutter replacement and repair experts, we have years of experience with this unique form of gutter system. Our stance is to adhere to best practices developed over time, in order to provide a quality product that lasts decades into the future with the proper maintenance. Looking to replace your old box gutters on your home? Need to find a licensed gutter contractor? Look no further – Fusion Roofing and Restoration has you covered.


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Box Gutter Replacement and Repair

Built-in gutters, also referred to as “box gutters” are considered a concealed roof drainage system. Since they are not readily visible, they typically become neglected and this leads to leaks into the home. Proper maintenance is necessary for any gutter system to perform its duty, but with built-ins, trapped, standing water can lead to a shorter life and very costly repairs.

Potential issues stemming from neglect can arise in the soldered joints, where sections of the gutter meet and forms a seam. The expansion and contraction of the metal during temperature changes results in failure in the seams. When a leak is eventually discovered, the seams are usually just patched with roofing cement or the box is lined for a temporary fix.  We never suggest this as a permanent method of box gutter repair.

Typically, a leaking box gutter will require replacing some or all of the wood framing that supports it. Ensuring that your home is properly inspected and maintained is important in keeping costs down. Letting little leaks and small issues go can cause small spots to grow into large ones – increasing the risk of needing roof repair or even replacement.

Restoration of your home’s box gutters should always be done by a skilled craftsman with prior experience. Fusion Roofing and Restoration is Cincinnati’s foremost Box Gutter installers.

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