Interior Restoration

Poorly installed and older failing roof systems leak. When water from a leaking roof, siding, or window enters the home the drywall on the ceiling and walls generally takes the brunt of the damage. Fusion Roofing & Restoration is able to take care of your water leak first, and then we have skilled professionals to repair and replace damaged drywall or plaster. Our installers have over 40 years of experience and will take no shortcuts in restoring your home.


Drywall & Plaster Repair

Roof and siding leaks wreak havoc on drywall and plaster. Many times homeowners will have to seek out several different contractors to fix the water damage inside and outside of their home. Fusion Roofing & Restoration is able to be your one-stop-shop and keep the water from entering the home while bringing the inside damage back to its original state.



Many times water damage will require a wall, ceiling, or entire room to be painted. You don’t have to take time to find several qualified contractors, since Fusion is able to seamlessly complete this step of your interior restoration.

We use only top quality paint products in restoring your home, so there are no callbacks for quality. Our crews also make sure to protect the interior of your home while working and stay on top of clean up so you don’t have to at the end of your long work day!

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