Long gone are the days of homes being built or renovated to have scant windows, both in size and number. Most people desire an abundance of large windows and skylights to provide their houses with solar heat, natural lighting, and to connect them with the outdoors. While those wishes have definite merit, certain issues can arise that cause damage. In the case of skylights, negligence and aging will bring water seepage that potentially results in shingle, wood, and interior wall harm.

When installed, a skylight becomes an integral part of the roof structure. While skylights do possess great qualities, the connectedness with the roof does come with drawbacks as well. The removal of shingles to be replaced with the skylight requires that flashing be included along with additional nails and adhesives. Also, as skylights extend above the surface of the roof, a valley is created that can catch debris and/or water. In cold weather months, that can also include ice. All of these aspects can eventually result in leaks as adhesives crack and deteriorate, nails loosen and pull away, flashing rusts and works free, and the years of ice dams and unmoved debris all direct or force water into the various openings.

            Over time, the skylight will fail, like any mechanical system. General upkeep can help with a skylight’s longevity. Regular cleaning and sweeping of debris help as does realizing that the skylight has a lifespan that will eventually require a replacement system. While many homeowners feel that replacing flashing or hammering down loose nails can solve problems, which they may in the short term, putting in a new skylight can result in another 10-15 years of quality use. An alternative, too, if one wishes to be rid of the skylight, is to have qualified roofers remove the skylight, deck over the existing hole, and install new shingles. Whether wishing to replace the skylight or eliminate it completely, Fusion Roofing and Restoration can perform any task desired.

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